The Mystery of Custodia


Broadway Beginners
The Mystery of Custodia 

Director: Joe Bishara

AGES 9-14
(17 participants)



The Mystery of Custodia is a virtual musical written to be rehearsed remotely, performed virtually, and shared with audiences online. The storyline is linear, made up of monologues and songs intended to be performed as solos. When these scenes are video recorded and played in sequence, it presents a complete musical theater experience available to any audience with an internet connection.

SHOW SUMMARY: Mount School is in crisis! Mr. Humphrey, the school janitor, mysteriously stopped showing up, leaving Drama Teacher Ms. McGery to take up his place. Beloved Lunch Lady Linda has also mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and there’s a mysterious wallet…

When Drama Club member (and amateur sleuth) Foster has to bring the dead classroom goldfish down to Custodia–a mysterious area of school where janitors roam and rumors abound–Foster gets more than he/she bargained for when he/she takes up the case! Enlisting the help of fellow drama club members, and trying to hold the meddlesome school reporter at bay, Foster tries to solve the greatest mystery of them all: The Mystery of Custodia!

Performance will be October 31, 2020 at 1pm

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